15 Best School Fundraisers for Fall!

Look for items you can sell for only a few dollars so everyone can participate. One example would be candy fundraisers that sell chocolate bars. Another might be collecting spare change with a game like penny wars. For instance, popcorn fundraisers or cookie dough fundraisers can help a PTO raise money while they earn up to a 50% profit potential on each sale. Many junior high school students like to play video games or watch TV all day long.
That’s why many of the top school fundraising ideas are for high schools. The idea of “school fundraising” can be so vague, it’s hard to tell what you’re even raising money for. Where does the money go— Does the football team need new uniforms? Does the robotics club need funds to travel for a competition?
All you need to get started are balloons, raffle tickets, and a prize. In today’s modern age of email and internet, there’s something nice about receiving a hand written letter from someone. Reach out to your donors by sending them a personalized letter explaining what you’re fundraising for. Plus, for some groups and individual projects, writing fundraising letters is an extremely cost-effective way to raise support in a relatively short amount of time.
Students can also donate to bet on who they think will win. Each winner moves to the next round until you are down to the finals where one winner will take the overall prize. It’ll take some effort to set the concert up, including finding a suitable space and recruiting volunteers to staff the event, but the payoff will be totally worth it.
Double the fundraising potential by selling gift wrap and offering a gift-wrapping service. Delisheries Cookie Mix is the only cookie dough fundraiser that offers a 50% profit no matter how many units you sell. You can qualify for free shipping by selling 150 or more items. Shipping is absolutely free when you sell at least 150 units of our dry cookie dough mix program.
Be sure to send email reminders to team parents and supporters to bring their gently used or new shoes with them to drop them off. To earn funding from most successful non profit fundraisers , you can require participants to submit an entry fee. You can also require a fee for attendees to be able to sample the chilis and vote on their favorites. When it comes to managing or participating in a basketball program, expenses can pile up. Uniform and equipment costs, transportation to and from tournaments, new shoes—these aspects can get pricey for coaches and team parents. Fundraising ensures that your team can have access to the equipment and resources needed to thrive.
Host a breakfast event on the school premises just before you kick off the day’s activities. You can set up a breakfast sale stand at the front of the school where students and teachers can purchase food, drinks, and snacks before going in. This is a simple fundraising idea that you do not have to break the bank to execute – all you need is a pack of balloons, raffle tickets, and cool prizes. Event attendees would have to pay a small fee to pop a balloon and win and retrieve a raffle ticket. Keep the children agile, fit, and healthy as you raise funds for your school project. Choose a specific day and get the children to compete in a series of fun sporting events.
Essentially, you’ll raise funds by offering a variety of practical and creative services to donors. Smartphones are everywhere, but parents don’t want to watch their child’s event with phones in front of their faces. Create a video team (maybe of students) to record sporting events, plays, dance performances, talent shows, etc. You can then burn the recordings onto DVDs, or put the events behind a digital paywall, and sell them to family members.
Sell tickets to this event day; this can also be a great way to raise money. If ramen isn’t your thing, chili is another classic option for this unique fundraising competition. Sell tickets to your event to raise more money with this fun fundraising idea. Create a fundraising page online and help students collect donations through it. Like an online donation page, your team merchandise store can stay up as long as you have items to sell in it, making it a great year-round fundraising idea. Help your supporters show their team spirit by designing and selling custom t-shirts as a team fundraiser!
However, you might draw better participation and money if you need a larger cash influx for upcoming projects or substantial technology upgrades. First, you need a reliable supplier that can produce bulk orders at a cost-friendly price. You also need to meet with the supplier and review graphic design details and merchandise.