Can you provide some tips to clear the L1A visa interview in Chennai? It seems the rejection rate is really high

Mention the number of years you have been working for your current organization. A. You can answer simply that i will come back to my country. A. Tell the exact location of your US company including town, city, state and zip code. Kept checking rescheduling appointment on daily basis but no luck. Wanted to save 2nd and last EA request option until Student Visa rush gets over.
l-1b visa will help you calm yourself down and relax when giving your answers to the interview questions. Rebecca is a partner and senior practice manager at Reddy & Neumann and represents clients in employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visa cases. She advises clients throughout the visa application process, from initial filing, responding to various requests for evidence, and processing at overseas consulates. For individuals who already hold L-1 status pursuant to a blanket L petition, the preferred method of extending L-1 status may be for the company to file an I-129 petition with USCIS. Doing so allows the employee to remain in the U.S., avoiding not only a more difficult interview, but also avoiding potentially risky travel and unpredictable appointment scheduling at the consulate.
The main difference between them is that IDS is a monitoring system, while IPS is a control system. IDS does not alter the network packets in any way whereas IPS prevents the packet from delivery based on the contents much like how a firewall prevents traffic by IP address. IDS requires a human or another system to look at the results.
Moreover, one advantage over the H-1B is that employers don’t need to prove that the wage meets the prevailing wage of similar domestic workers. Each year, a small number of petitions are randomly selected from the pool of submitted petitions, making it very difficult to obtain an H-1B if you are subject to this lottery. What your saying is that you want to change from H1b status to F-1 status correct? The following steps outline the procedure of changing status from F1 to H1B work visa. Appointment notice (I-797C, Notice of Action) for your I-485 interview. Only 1 percent of H-1B appeals adjudicated by the Administrative Appeals Office were approved, while 7 percent of L-1 (Intracompany …
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Premium processing is an optional expedited service where the USCIS guarantees that the case will be processed within 15 calendar days . When a notice of intent to deny or a request for evidence is issued, a new 15 calendar days will start when the USCIS receives a response from the applicant. If the USCIS fails to process within the time frame, a refund of the service fee will be given and the case will continue to be expedited. Please note that USCIS’s guaranteed response may be an approval notice, denial notice, notice of intent to deny , request for evidence , or open an investigation for fraud or misrepresentation. Executives and managers have similar but different job duties. For example, executives have more senior-level responsibilities and have job duties that are on a broader scale than managers.
We can also monitor the connection between actual clients and the authoritative name servers. In short, SIEMs enable organizations to scale their IDS and IPS data into a more complete security solution. Availability is the term used to describe information/data being available when needed.
As a part of the application process, the applicants need to indicate their intended date of travel to the United States. Based on the purpose of your travel, visa type, and duration of stay, you will need to provide your tentative date of travel. Details such the address where you will be staying, type of residence, etc. could be asked to verify your details/documents submitted by you.