Fundraising Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Dept #1

Enhance the atmosphere by providing comfortable seating, such as chairs and benches, or encourage people to bring their blankets or bean bags. Enhance the experience by allowing audience members a guided firehouse tour or offering fire safety tips between movies. It is with profound sorrow that we announce the Line of Duty Death of Lieutenant Kevin P. Ward, a dedicated member of Engine 11 Trk 9. Kevin tragically succumbed to injuries sustained from a fire on August 11, 2023. He was 58 years old and had been a stalwart pillar of the department since joining in 1996. We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Ward family and our firefighting community during this somber time.
If you don’t know where public safety funding comes from in your rural area or what things cost, you are not alone. Just shopping for a new mattress this winter gave me a bad case of sticker shock. Buying a dozen eggs practically requires access to an automatic external defibrillator.
Your contribution will help us update our vehicle rescue equipment in order to continue providing the best emergency service available. Our volunteers are driven by a strong desire to help people in the event of an emergency. Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, day or night, we leave our homes, jobs, and families to help in your time of need. This past year we are very proud to announce that we improved our insurance rating from a four to a three for our citizens.
Support the Los Angeles Fire Department without having to donate money! Below you will find several options below for other ways you can do your part. If you have any questions or ideas, email the Foundation team at Some of the cylinders we had in service were approaching retirement, others still had years of useful life. But we wanted to change from cylinders rated for 30 minutes of air to 45 minutes to give firefighters more time to work before having to switch bottles.
When I hear those stories, I can’t help but imagine the impact of those shenanigans. Imagine the sticker shock when a municipality loses its volunteer fire department and has to contract public safety services from another agency. Imagine the distance from which help might have to come, the longer response times, and the increased homeowners’ insurance premiums. A candle fundraiser is one of the most popular and profitable methods, and what could be more appropriate to raise money for a firehouse?
Fifty percent of an ISO rating is based on water supply, the 911 system, and community risk reduction programs. The other 50% reflects the quality of the fire department’s equipment and training – in other words, its readiness to respond in a timely and effective manner. This is a great fundraising idea for fire departments who have a logo that they want to showcase on the mugs and tumblers. There is no up front cost and ABC Fundraising® will design a custom order-taker brochure with YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT LOGO on the brochures. This makes it very easy to sell and with 5 choices of mug styles there is something for everyone. Earn Up To 75% Profit With No Money Up Front Needed When you select The Entertainment® Card Fundraiser for your next fundraising event.
Churches, clubs, schools, sports teams, civic organizations, and more make the money they need with a Rada fundraiser. A majority local fire stations hold fundraisers throughout the year to help fund new trucks, equipment, or educational programs on fire safety. Common firefighter fundraisers include pancake breakfasts, chicken dinners, or dances for community members. In the last few years, the fire department has held several annual raffles including the Gun Raffle, the Fish, Hunt and Farm raffle and most recently the Get Outdoors Raffle! Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas have given away some truly amazing raffle prizes and even some Big Money!
The Four Oaks Volunteer Fire Department has provided many years of service to the citizens and visitors of Four Oaks and the surrounding communities. Our more than 70 dedicated volunteers assist with fire protection, rescue operations, and medical response to residents in over a 43-square-mile jurisdiction. Last year we assisted on over 900 emergency calls while also participating in many educational and community events. Darien is one of the last towns in Fairfield County that has a 100% volunteer fire and rescue service.